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Due to construction, the Biloxi “Salute to Our Veterans” event sponsored by The Hook Up Bar & Restaurant and the Biloxi Boardwalk Marina has changed locations.“Salute To Our Veterans“ featuring Garry Wesley as Elvis, will be held at Cruise Central, 200 Beach Blvd., Gulfport, MS, Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


This year, only Pre-registered Cruisin' The Coast participants will be allowed to take part in the Long Beach Parade.  You will have to show either a CTC Registration Confirmation Card (mailed to the "Early Bird" registrants) or this year's CTC ID card.


When our venues open on Thursday, October 9, the City of Pass Christian will be the newest member of the CTC family as not only a new venue but a stamping site as well.  Pass Christian will have all the amenities expected of a CTC venue but will add charm and character that are uniquely its own.  You will want to schedule time to explore this new venue and enjoy all it has to offer.


Celebrities Abound at CTC! – We are pleased to announce that members of History’s “Counting Cars” crew will be here.  Danny “the Count” Koker, Kevin Mack and "Horny" Mike Henry are looking forward to visiting with you.  They’ll be signing autographs again. To learn more about Danny “The Count” Koker and Counts Kustoms visit their website www.countskustoms.com



7,042 Cruisers registered for Cruisin' The Coast 2013 creating our most exciting year yet!

It is the most we have ever registered and passed the goal of 6,000 we have been working toward since our early years.

Cruisers Plan Ahead:  Future Dates for Cruisin’ The Coast®

Many of our cruisers like to plan ahead for future events:  marking calendars and making reservations.  Here at Cruisin’ The Coast®, we like to help when we can, so listed below are the dates for our event through 2016.  Yes, we plan ahead too!

2014  Oct. 5 - 12

2015  Oct. 4 - 11

2016  Oct. 2 - 9

Please Read the Following Cruisin' The Coast Rules:

When there are as many cars and spectators in an area as we have at CTC, safety becomes a major concern.  We aren't trying to keep people from having fun but trying to insure no one is hurt during the event. 

Cruisin’ The Coast® car participants who do not follow the rules will be immediately expelled from the event.

• You must obey all traffic signals, posted speed limits and curb markings while participating in the Cruisin' The Coast event.

• Cars burning out/peeling out, throwing flames on public roadways, and using hydraulics will be ejected from the event immediately.

• Please respect the safety of all roadside onlookers and the peace and quiet of neighborhood areas. Any person or parties found guilty of such behavior will be permanently barred from participation in Cruisin' The Coast activities.

• We are a heavy tourist area with limited ability to screen visitors. Do not leave valuables in vehicles.

• Warning! Prevent possible fire hazard - do not top off your gas tank.






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